Do I Know You?

Here’s another instalment of flash-fiction. It’s a hoot to do. I encourage anyone who likes writing, even long-form pieces (perhaps especially long-form pieces) to do it. What do you have to lose anyway?

That’s right. Nothing. 


I was driving a golf cart when a devil jumped into the empty seat next to me, his long pointed tail wriggling obscenely behind him.

“Fret and fear; despair.  Jesus will not return,” it said. “The wonder of your God is abandoning you.” My clubs jostled in the back.

I flexed my toes in my cleats. Gout ground in my joints. I asked it if this was a new development, or if the initial reports had been incorrect.

It said I didn’t know its true name and thus had no power to make demands of a denizen of Hell, and that I was bound to be consumed by the fire of the Endless Pandemonium.

The electric motor hummed.I told it that was no way to make friends.


What did you think about it, friend?

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