Sea-Bear: The Bear of the Sea

Chip Gunnarson hangs twenty.

Here we see Hawaii’s première bear surfer, Chip Gunnarson. A Swede, bear-playboy, he earned his fortune at a young age through the sale of his Clawsall Media and Advertising, an aggressive start-up that took the bear related entertainment world by storm in the early 2000’s.

His financial future secured but now cut loose from purpose, Chip fell into a deep depression, and bounded about the globe.

“I didn’t have my family to lean on, my mother and father died when I was just a cub. They would have grounded me in my youth,” says Chip, who is waxing his board and eagerly looking to the beach. Chip drifted for years in celebrity circles, sampling whatever excesses he could find, wherever he could find it. After a string of failed relationships, the Bear-Millionaire touched the bottom.

“I was eating pills by the bottle full, you know? Hanging out with the bad crowds. There are photos of me I cannot even remember being in. The instance that really shook me up was an old photo at a cast party for Lost,” Chip recalls. “Here I am with Damon [Lindelof] and Terry [O’Quinn] and I cannot even remember it. What an awful waste of time.”

Eventually, the drug-addled bear came to surfing by way of his new love, Zoe Bell. He has been using the sport as a way to escape his painkiller addiction and successfully. He has been clean for 2 years and counting.

“Sure, I replaced one obsession with another, but this one makes me feel alive,” the bear looks out at the sea curling towards the beach. “Not numb.”

And things have changed for Chip. A new wife, a new passion, and a new business venture have turned Chip’s life around.

Of the business, Chip has this to say. “I have investors so I cannot say much, but I will say this: Bear Surfboards.”


So there you have it, this is what Drew Shannon and I have been working on. I think of something foolish, and he has the unfortunate task of drawing it. Things are going to get more and more weird. I actually want to get more disturbing with these, just to creep Drew out, but I don’t want to end up on a watch-list, so I think we will stick with absurd and hopefully funny.

This rad, surfing bear is the wallpaper of my phone right now. It’s so rewarding to work with someone since writing can be a solitary and self-indulgent endeavour (that is not to say that making someone draw a surfing bear isn’t some kind of  indulgence). And Drew is exceptionally easy to work with and crazy-fast, so this project seems like a breeze.

The next few more ideas are in the pipe, so expect an influx of weird in your life soon, party people.



What did you think about it, friend?

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