More Book Work!

So, I’ve been terribly lackadaisical when it comes to posting here, but I promise, O Hungry Internet, that I’ll redouble my efforts. I’m working on a few short stories and I think I’m going to get back into the <300 word story-vomit I do sometimes. They’re always a lot of fun. Perhaps I’ll try to do a batch of three sentence stories.

In other news, I just finished a cover concept for a school project. It’s just a quick mock-up of what a real designer would do, so don’t expect a whole lot. It’s group work, so I didn’t come up with the book concept itself. That would have been Nadiya O. Her idea was a cookbook with recipes collected from various Canadian celebrities.

We made sure that no one was working on their own book idea, so I offered to do this one.

you like it so far

I figured we’d go with an overwhelmingly patriotic colour scheme, as well as a nice, fat, rustic typeface. To me, it looks pretty Canadian, though I’d entertain disagreements. I would have liked to add a texture to the red just to make it a little bit more interesting, but I didn’t really have the time, what with deadlines being what they are.

I find that it’s a little too plain in some areas, but I didn’t want to be so on the nose as to add a little black maple leaf under the main title. Looking at it now, I think a more ornate border around the title would have been in order. Something with some thick-line flourishes, but sadly, by photoshop and indesign skills are not what they ought to be.

I tried to make it look like any other cookbook you’d see around. I don’t think I’ve got the skill to be too daring with these things just yet.

Check the OR

The back cover is pretty dull, I think. There’s not much to say about it, besides that the picture of Rick Mercer I used is easily 10 years old and so ubiquitous that it should be on a stamp. Also, don’t you think it looks like he and Margaret Atwood are related? Like she’s his rad aunt that taught him how to smoke pot and make vodka melon? Perhaps that’s just me.

Getting back on track, I like the little fork with the maple leaf on the spine. It ties the spine and the front cover together. And it reinforces the notion that you are consuming Canada. YOU ARE CONSUMING CANADA.

H’oh well!

Expect more, soon.


One thought on “More Book Work!

  1. Back on the blog! I was also going to say that I enjoy the little maple leaf and fork on the back cover. It’s a delicate morsel of Canada. Nomnom.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the Ceebs is still using a similar photo of Rick Mercer on promotional material. No worries.

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